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Stream your entire music collection from your server. Download your movies directory to your Android phone from your remote location. View your photos and download them directly to your Android phone

Scans for TiVo Series3, TiVo HD, TiVo Premieres and acts as a remote control.

Display all of your pictures on your phone on your TV through your TiVo.

Getting Started

When Zamar first runs, it will automatically scan for TiVo media servers  and TiVo DVRs. Most models of Android phones will be able to automatically find these. If Zamar does not find anything see the FAQ on how to manually add them.

Zamar requires desktop software in order to stream your media to your Android phone.  Any of the following free software packages can be used:

Media servers and TiVos that are automatically found are marked with a ‘*’.  To permanently add these devices, press and hold the item in the list, and you will be prompted on how to add them permanently.

You can add a shortcut to your home screen to directly access any media server or tivo DVR.

FAQ - How can I access my music, movies and photos on the go?

Zamar will try to assist you in access your media while not at home, but you'll need to 'poke a hole' through your firewall. This usually consists of "Port Forwarding" to the computer running the media server software, specifying the IP address and port on the router. This FAQ cannot address how to configure this on your home router due to the number of different routers.

FAQ - I downloaded a movie, but how do I play them?

The native video player on android does not support the format that download from your media server. To play them, download the excellent 'Rock Player' from the android market.

FAQ - I'm running pyTivo. Can I make my downloaded movies look better and download quicker?

Yes. Add the following files into the pytivo.conf file in order to reduce the size of the movie, and increase the quality:
video_br = 192K
aspect169 = true
ffmpeg_tmpl = -vcodec libx264 %(video_fps)s %(video_br)s -maxrate 2048k %(buff_size)s %(aspect_ratio)s %(audio_br)s %(audio_fr)s %(audio_ch)s %(audio_codec)s %(audio_lang)s %(ffmpeg_pram)s -f vob -
audio_br = 128K
width = 640
height = 360
optres = true

You can change the video and audio bitrate values, and the width and height, as you see fit to find the best balance between size and quality that suites your needs.

FAQ - How do I have Zamar scan for devices to control again?

Press the menu button on your phone, and then select ‘Scan’.  Your media servers and Tivos should automatically show up in the main list.  It can take up to a minute to find them all, so be patient.

How do download my photos?

While viewing your photo, simply press on the thumbnail version, and you'll see the large version appear. Press menu/save to save to the SD card on your phone.

How do I get the photos on my android to show up on my TV?

Press the tivo button on your tivo remote control, or the Zamar TiVo remote control, and select 'Music, Photos, Extras' from your main TiVo menu. Scroll down and select Zamar Photos. Your tv should now be displaying the photos from your phone.

FAQ - Zamar didn't find my TiVo Media Server!

Zamar should automatically find the media servers and TiVos on your home network. You must be connected via WiFi in order for this to work. You can manually add your tivo media server by pressing the menu button on your phone, and choosing 'Add'. Enter the IP address of the the computer running the server software. For pyTivo and pytivoX, the default port is 9032. For TiVo desktop, the port is usually 8081, or 8101. Zamar will let you know if it has trouble finding the servers.

FAQ - Zamar didn't find my tivos!

Make sure you can remote access enabled on your Tivo. 

FAQ - Zamar seems to repeat the same song over and over when its an m4a file from pyTivo or pyTivoX. What's wrong?

Some core media players, like ones on HTC Android phones, has a bug that it requests the same song up to 4 times over and over. To get around this problem, a small change needs to be made to the pyTivo source code to turn off transcoding for Zamar.

Locate the file in the plugins\music directory. At approximately line 100, add the following lines:

needs_transcode = ext in TRANSCODE or seek or duration    Existing code

if needs_transcode:
  if 'tsn' in query:
     if query['tsn'][0] == 'Zamar':
       if ext in ('.mp4', '.m4a'):
         needs_transcode = False;

handler.send_response(200)    Existing code

Don't forget to follow the indentations since they are important in Python